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APIs are Interface to Taiyō Data Platform. These APIs can be accessed at Below are some key highlights of this sub section of Taiyō platform -

Key highlights of API Platform

  • Scalable
    The APIs Platform is scalable to cater high volume demand for data requests with multiple user and platform integration support. This platform is both horizontally and vertically scalable to match demand.

  • Different update frequencies
    The APIs Platform is both secured at Transit level with SSL and secured at data stored on any device over cloud platform.

  • Inconsistent data fields
    APIs and Data calls with APIs are secured with the help of Secure Access Token and Secret Key. Both Access Token and Secret are securely handed over to User via email communication. These Access Tokens are linked to most granular data access via Master Command Control Center. The access to individual Data Product and Volume and version of data within these Data Products can be controlled via these Access Tokens.

  • Standardization and aggregation of data
    With help of the APIs platform we are able to create downsampled sub systems for our development and UAT/SIT environments. This feature enabled us to do rapid development without having to worry about managing large volumes of data and focusing on onboarding new features to the overall Taiyō Platform.
    The upscaling capabilities with APIs Platform helps us manage large volumes of data seamlessly with just some configuration and create prod environments to serve internal and external users.

  • Data Product Specific APIs
    There are Data Product specific APIs which serve specific data to users of API. These APIs also help build understanding of specific Data Product. The details about every Data Product APIs and offerings is explained in Data Product APIs Section

  • Data Product Specific APIs
    The Taiyō Platform APIs are documented by following Open Source Swagger Documentation Specification V2.0. These specifications help build quick code and communication channels across varieties of technologies and platform integrations. The APIs which follow these open source communication standards can be easily integrated with multiple Business Intelligence tools and users can carry forward their use cases with their choice of tools.

  • Version Control with Backward Compatibility and Forward feature rolling
    APIs under Taiyō Platform adhere to Version Control with Backward Compatibility and Forward Feature rolling design considerations. Any Website, Use-case or Solution built using APIs of specific version will be supported and along with new feature onboarding without damaging existing communication protocol.

  • Master Command Control Center for Overall Visibility
    The Taiyō APIs Platform is controlled via Master Command Control Center (MC3) for Taiyō which helps us with 360 degree control over APIs Platform. Also Includes - APIs usage stats, User Access Control, Data and version control, APIs Version Control, Overall Platform Observability, Monitor/Identify any hacking attack on platform, profiling users interest for prioritization of backlogs, etc.

  • Future Roadmap
    More APIs are coming up with Taiyō Platform for Use-case specific e.g Website Dashboards, Supporting Taiyō IQ features, across Data Product access, aggregations and analysis reports.

Data Product APIs

There are specific APIs for individual Data Product which helps us manage Data Mesh with Taiyō Platform Data Products. These are API service mesh with Data Mesh to manage overall Data Product Life Cycle and also support serving data product to uses and use cases. These APIs mainly fall under two sections 1) Data Product Serving APIs and 2) Data Mesh Management APIs.